WHY DID YOU START THIS BLOG:  I started it because I got a new job in men’s fashion and thought that this would be the perfect way to document the evolution of my style and every day looks.  WHERE DID THE NAME COME FROM: I don’t think I’ve ever made the actual Dean’s List so I figured why not make my own?  HOW WOULD YOU DESCRIBE YOUR STYLE:  I change it up a lot, but I love anything vintage, classic and different.  WHERE ARE YOU LOCATED:  I am originally from New York but currently live in Chicago.  DID YOU STUDY FASHION:  I actually went to school for musical theater but have always loved men’s fashion and accessories.  WHAT IS YOUR FAVORITE ITEM IN YOUR CLOSET:  My favorite item would have to be the turquoise ring that my grandfather gave me a few years ago that’s never left my finger.  DO YOU WORK WITH DIFFERENT RETAILERS AND BRANDS:  Yes!  Feel free to email me @ dean.daneluzzi@gmail.com  🙂