8 Favorite Coats for Fall

Hey guys! Long time no see. I am sorry I have been a little MIA these last few months. I have been a little occupied with work and commuting back and forth. BUT I have been doing some *not so light* shopping all the while and have some great outfits I am looking forward to sharing! I wanted to start by sharing some of my favorite fall coats from over the years that I still wear today. 🙂

1. The Classic Overcoat

Overcoats have been around since the early 17th century. They were originally worn as a sign of elegance and wealth but have since been sported by people of all classes. Overcoats remind me of stylish men in London on their way to work looking effortlessly chic. They add style to any simple outfit. The one I am wearing is from The Kooples but I found a similar ones here from Vince Camuto, Bonobos and Topman:

2. The Brown Suede Jacket

Since high school I have been obsessed with leather jackets and for a while I was on the hunt for the perfect brown suede one. This one is so great because it reminds me of a mix between aviator pilot jackets in the early 19th century as well as James Dean. I love wearing this one particularly over neutral colored sweaters. This is from All Saints but I found similar ones here from All Saints, Frye and Topman:

3. The Workwear Coat

I absolutely love this workwear inspired coat from J.Crew. It is super lightweight and a great layer for early fall! This faded blue gray is a great neutral and added something to my closet I didn’t know I was missing. I found similar ones here from Bonobos, Topman, and Calibrate:

4. The Quilted Jacket

There are SO many great quilted jackets out there and I know they are loved by almost all men. I had a Barbour jacket that I loved but traded it in for this camo one from All Saints. I like how it is a statement piece without being overly outrageous. Also it is surprisingly warm! I found similar ones here from Patagonia, Filson, and Barbour:

5- The Shearling Coat

I bought this coat a few years ago from a thrift store in Portland Oregon and loved it immediately. It reminds me of the 70’s and is my fun coat on days where I want to wear something a little more “out there.” Thrift stores are full of these and I believe if you want a shearling coat- that’s where to find them. However, I found some great new options here from Topman and Schott NYC:

6. The Classic Moto Jacket

I love this leather jacket so much and truly believe this belongs in everyone’s closet. I bought this one vintage but there are SO many great ones out there. I love this one because it is so worn in, soft and faded from years of love. This jacket looks great over vintage tees, sweaters and hoodies. I found similar ones here from All Saints, BP and French Connection:

7. The Classic Trench Coat

Believe it or not, I have had this coat for 7 years! I bought it from a boss of mine at a retail store I worked at in high school who said it was too small for him. I wear this coat so much and still get compliments on it! It is such a classic piece that will never go out of style. I especially love that it is a little cropped making it look proportionate on my body. Most trench coats are too long and do that thing where it looks like 2 little kids sitting on each other’s shoulders but that is totally avoided here. 🙂 I found similar ones here from Burberry and Ring Jacket:

8- The Updated Moto Jacket

I bought this leather jacket last year from this cool shop in Chicago called Straight to Hell Apparel. When I first bought it, it was a little stiff but with more wear it has gotten softer and softer. I love how slim and sleek this coat is. I am someone who usually gravitates towards soft wool coats in brown hues so having this one in my closet is a great juxtaposition to all that. I found similar ones here from True Religion, Deadwood Rover and Straight to Hell Apparel:


Most clothing from Nordstrom.com

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