Happy Monday! It hasn’t even been a full month and I already broke my resolution about posting every Monday. I’m sorryyyyy. In my defense- I have been super busy putting together projects and collaborations with super cool brands. So stay tuned!

One thing that I started this past week that I was really excited about was the “1 Piece 3 Ways” thing that I did on my Insta story. It’s where I take one item of clothing and talk about how to style it 3 different ways! What I personally love about this is it’s getting me reacquainted with my closet. I have SOO many clothes that I love and it’s fun reimagining different ways to style them and make outfits. 🙂

One piece that I especially love is this floral printed shirt from All Saints. When I think of “floral printed shirt” my mind automatically thinks of Tan from Queer Eye. It also makes me think of an easy go-to of mine over the summer! I love this one because its dark, romantic and fascinating without being overly dramatic. It also breaks my preconceived idea that florals only work in spring and summer.

I paired this shirt with an all black, streamlined outfit making it the focal point. When you have a piece like this, I don’t like to overpower it with too many bells and whistles, otherwise the outfit gets messy.

I love going to different art museums and always find it interesting the colors they choose to paint the walls behind the art. They are typically solid and complimentary to the paintings. They enhance the art instead of distracting from it.

This shirt would also look great with white jeans and a leather jacket. 🙂

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Boots- FRYE



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