Happy Monday peeps! I hope you had a great weekend. Mine included an impromptu Gala at the United Nations and some retail therapy where I scored a Rag and Bone cashmere sweater and Helmut Lang sweater for under $150!

I promised you a new blog post each Monday, so here it is. 🙂

Since moving back to New York, I have been bragging about how much warmer the weather is here. I always thought that Chicago and NY were pretty much the same temperature but BOY was I wrong! It has been SO mild compared to what I am used to which makes getting dressed waaay easier. It’s great because I get to experiment with different layers each day rather than throwing on my big parka and hat.

Ever since I was in high school, I’ve loved turtlenecks. I wear them with blazers, denim jackets, peacoats and as seen here- leather jackets. I really like wearing them with leather jackets because the juxtaposition of the soft classic sweater with the cool boy edge of a leather jacket works seamlessly.

I have about 7 leather jackets and did not need another but when I tried this on at Buffalo Exchange (a favorite thrift store of mine) I knew I needed to add it to my collection. The brand is Straight to Hell and what I love about it is how tailored it is. I am not the biggest guy in the world and when I don’t have my clothes tailored, I either look short and wide or emaciated and drowning in my outfit. The leather starts out kind of stiff but conforms to your shape and breaks-in within one season. I’ve only had it for about 3 months and it already fits like a glove. 🙂

These jeans are the Levi’s 510 skinny jeans and they are my favorite pair of jeans to date. They also start out pretty stiff but over time stretch and grow to your body. I actually wore these so much that the holes in the knees are natural and I also have them in my back pockets where my phone and wallet go. Unfortunately, I had to throw them out shortly after this shoot and trade them in for a new pair when a hole in the crotch area was getting a little too inaprop for work…

If you haven’t already noticed, I hate fast fashion. When I buy clothes, I like to invest in quality pieces that are going to last for years and not go out of style. I would rather buy something I love second hand or on sale rather than go to the mall and pick up something fast that is only going to last me one season.

It is super important as a young person starting your life and career that you begin to invest in the right pieces for your wardrobe. You want pieces that can move and grow with you. What are you lacking and where would you like to invest? If you’ve always dreamed of owning a suede motorcycle jacket, try not to go out to lunch for 2 weeks and put that saved money towards it! Once you have that staple in your wardrobe, you will never need to worry about replacing it or upgrading because it’s something you will cherish and wear forever. 🙂

Ciao for now,


PHOTOS- Kara Nixon Photography

Sweater- VINTAGE


Denim- LEVI’S

Boots- FRYE

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