Well just like that, summer is almost over (wah wah wahhh).  However that doesn’t mean you need to ditch all your summer pieces and throw on your dark heavy clothes just yet!  Now is the perfect time to start getting creative.

One thing I like to do is pair a soft short sleeve summer button up like this with a pair of chinos and loafers for a more fall feel.  Fall has my favorite color scheme (maroon, brown and navy) so I like to start introducing those warmer colors into my outfits around this time!

Another trick I like to do is if I am wearing a long sleeve shirt, put on shorts and if I am wearing a short sleeve shirt, wear pants like I did here.  🙂

I am OBSESSED with these pants that I actually got at Abercrombie (I know, right?) at the beginning summer!  I love the fit so much because they are skinny without being too skinny.  I also thought the color was super unique yet neutral making it the perfect alternative to my usual denim and shirt combo.

I bought these Vince loafers and I am soo into them.  They are super light like slippers but can still dress up any outfit.  When I paired this shirt and pants together, I knew they’d look great.

Ciao for now,


S H O P   T H I S   L O O K :








Shoes- VINCE

Sunglasses- RAY BAN

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