Weekend Getaway from Chicago!

As you guys know, I’m from New York and have spent the past six years in Chicago so I’m sure it’s no surprise when I say I’m not the most outdoorsy guy…..

Needless to say, I was skeptical when my boyfriend planned for us to go on a camping trip, but I must say we had the best time!  Traveling from Chicago, there aren’t many destinations that you can reach without a car.  We did some research and found Duneswood Campground in Indiana.

We took the CTA to Millenium Station and then took the South Shore line down to Beverly Shores.  The tickets cost $10 each way and it took about an hour and twenty minutes from Millenium Station to Beverly Shores…super easy!

Here are the best parts of Duneswood Campground:

1.  It is less than a quarter mile from the train station, so it is very easy to do without a car.
2.  There is a camp store with food and supplies, a gas station with yummy snacks, and a pizza food truck all within an easy walk.
3.  There are so many fun activities: from the free shuttle that takes you to the beach, to the beautiful trails surrounding the campground.

We packed light with a backpack each, a tent, and a bag full of snacks.  It was so easy walking to the campground, reserving and paying for our spot ($25 a night), setting up our tent, and then enjoying the beach and trails all day.

The campground is located just minutes away from Lake Michigan with a view of Chicago in the distance.   Although I love the beaches in Chicago and it is technically the same lake, it felt like I was on a secluded beach a million miles away!    If you are going for a few nights, the beach is a great addition to hikes and s’mores.  🙂

We were nervous about making dinner over the fire, so we were so happy to find a woodstone pizza truck called Ovenworks.  While I ordered the pizza, my boyfriend walked to the liquor store and bought us two cans of rosé which went so well with what we ordered!

We went for a really great pie called the “Foon Ghee” which had truffle cream, mushrooms, spinach, smoked mozzarella di bufala, parmesan, and olive oil.

After that we went for the classic Margarita pie which was also amazing!

We then walked to our campsite, built our fire (surprisingly fast thanks to our trusty lighter ;), and made s’mores.

So funny story….growing up I auditioned for a Jiffy Pop commercial but I had no idea what Jiffy Pop was until the audition was over!  I seriously just thought Jiffy Pop was a fake concept they were having me do a monologue about (lol).  Needless to say- I didn’t get the job.

While we were at the camp store after dinner, we found some Jiffy Pop and decided to try to cook it over our campfire.  We ended up completely burning it and laughed the entire time.  We then decided to stick with our s’mores. 😉

Although I’m a city boy through and through, it is so nice to escape it, embrace nature, and make memories with good company.  For any Chicago people looking for a fun little trip, I would highly recommend Duneswood Campground.

Happy campin!


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