Everyone knows that cashmere and winter go hand in hand, but what do we think of when we think of summer?  In the past it has been a personal struggle of mine on how to elevate my summer swag but this year the second guessing is gone.  The answer is linen and espadrilles.

Now I know that “beach” comes to mind when you think of espadrilles and linen but they can be used much more often than you’d think!  By tucking this oversized linen shirt into a pair of light distressed jeans, it gives it a more crisp look.

Linen does tend to wrinkle a bit so having a steamer on hand is always a good idea.  Linen is supposed to look lived in which totally goes with my laidback, casual style.

I’ve never been the guy to have a perfectly tailored, wrinkle-free button down so this material works great for me.  🙂

If I was going for a more sleek look, pairing this top with a pair of high waisted trousers and black loafers would have also worked great!

As far as espadrilles go, this is my first summer with them and I am completely hooked.  I have always been a loafer in the summertime kind of guy, and this Vince pair is the perfect mix of both!  I love the neutral suede color and they are so comfy to walk in.  Definitely worth the investment!

Ciao for now,


S H O P   T H I S   L O O K :





Denim- FRAME

Shoes- VINCE

Sunglasses- RAY BAN

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