I have been living in Chicago for the past 6 years and one of my favorite things has always been how we have all four seasons.  As someone who is obsessed with clothes and fashion, it is perfect because I basically get to own four different wardrobes!

One season that always slips by too quickly without me utilizing all it’s fashion potential has always been Spring.  I feel like I always go from wearing my down winter jacket to a bathing suit in a matter of days.

This year I plan on taking full advantage of those perfect late 50 degree days by rocking Spring essentials like track jackets and retro sneakers!  I partnered with the Topman team recently to put together this all American inspired outfit.  Ever since I stumbled upon Topman when I was in high school, I have been hooked!

They have so many great lightweight pieces that are perfect for layering this time of year and I am especially obsessed with this green track jacket I am wearing.

It is that perfect layer for adding a touch of athleisure to an otherwise classic outfit.  It has that Americana vintage vibe that is really in style right now and comes in a bunch of cool colors!



The main focus of this shoot was definitely to highlight their incredible jeans.  As someone who likes their clothing fitted but not too tight, Topman has amazing fit guides on their site telling you which style works best for you!

I ended up choosing their classic Bright Blue Wash Skinny Jeans.  I always joke that I am a “petite man” and wearing jeans that are slim but not spray on skinny definitely work best for my size and shape!  Also, most of their denim costs around $60 which is such a steal.  🙂

I put together a list of the 4 pairs of denim every guy needs in their wardrobe:


B L U E –


B L A C K –


R I P P E D –


W H I T E –

Ciao for now,





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