As the warm weather approaches, so do new opportunities, relationships and experiences…

I would love to say that Winter is officially over- but we aren’t quite there yet.

It’s okay though friends!  There is still time to get all of your favorite winter styles out before it’s t-shirt and shorts weather!

Recently I celebrated my 24th birthday and it’s weird because I actually do feel much older.

Looking back on this past year and all the changes I have made between relationships and career changes- I can say I am truly truly happy.

It’s kind of weird how things just fall into place when you don’t force it.  Isn’t it?

One of my favorite people in this world, Becca (who is actually my low key editor for the Dean’s List) gave me the book The Sun and Her Flowers by Rupi Kaur for my birthday.  It’s a collection of poems and a great gift for anyone.  I wanted to share a story from it that really moved me-

“It has been one of the greatest and most difficult years of my life. I learned that everything is temporary; moments, feelings, people, flowers. I learned that love is about giving. Everything. And letting it hurt. I learned that vulnerability is always the right choice because it is easy to be cold in a world that makes it so very difficult to remain soft. I learned that all things come in twos; life and death, pain and joy, salt and sugar, me and you; it is the balance of the universe. It has been the year of hurting so bad but living so good; making friends out of strangers, making strangers out of friends. Learning that mint chocolate ice-cream will fix just about everything. And for the pains it can’t there is always my mother’s arms. We must learn to focus on warm energy, always, soak our limbs in it and become better lovers to the world, for if we can’t learn to be kinder to each other, how will we ever learn to be kinder to the most desperate parts of ourselves.” – Rupi Kaur

The Kooples is one of my favorite unknown brands because of how well they mix the styles of modern, sophisticated and Rock and Roll.  This played a huge part in the inspiration for this outfit and shoot.  I really really love brands that aren’t just one thing because like humans, our style is never and should never be just one thing!

I bought this peacoat from The Kooples last year and it has been a staple in my wardrobe ever since.   Also it is a French brand so the clothing is cut super tailored and slim, perfect for smaller guys like myself.  🙂

If you ask any of my friends they will say I am not one to take the backseat and let life happen to me and I don’t plan on this year being any different.  As Kylie Jenner famously stated- “I feel like this year is really about, like the year of just realizing things.”  Couldn’t agree with her more!    🙂  Stay warm out there friends!


Ciao for now,



S H O P   T H I S   L O O K  :





Shirt- GAP

Denim- LEVIS


Sunglasses- SEE


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  1. LV that story it is very true, you as always looking handsome. You sound very happy & I’m so very happy for u. The next time u r in town come & visit me.

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