As much as I love Chicago, I also love finding secret places that take me out of my every day world…

I stumbled upon this church courtyard one day and immediately felt like I was in a European city.  Between the Gothic architecture and brisk weather, I was getting some serious Hunchback of Notre Dame vibes..

There was something so sad and romantic about this place that I fell in love with.  That’s why I decided that it would be the perfect backdrop for a photoshoot. 😉

Although New Year’s Eve is over, there are still PLENTY of reasons to get dressed up.

I chose to pair one of my favorite understated plaid blazers from Zara with matching velvet loafers from Stubbs and Wooten.  This is the perfect look for a winter wedding or gala!

As you can tell from these images- I really like my clothes more fitted.

As a shorter guy, wearing clothes that are more fitted makes me appear taller and bigger than I actually am.  😉

This time of year I am naturally drawn to colors like maroon, forest green, grays, browns and golds.  I really love that Amsterdam/city style that is tailored and classic but incorporates vintage pieces that make an outfit unique.  One of my favorite Amsterdam based brands is Scotch and Soda who describes themselves as “collectors, scouring the globe for that painting, poem, vintage piece or artifact that sparks our never ending curiosity.”  

I think everyone should travel and learn new styles and trends and not just settle for what’s mainstream.  Every time we visit a new place or meet a new person, we change a little.  It’s what makes us unique.  And what better way to show that than with your style?   It’s what takes someone from being “cute” to being interesting.


Ciao for now,



S H O P    T H I S    L O O K  :





Blazer- ZARA

Button Down- UNIQLO



Bow tie- VINTAGE

Lapel Pin- VINTAGE

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