Since the Holidays are quickly approaching- I wanted to show you some tips and tricks on how to make your apartment feel merry this season without it looking like a 60 year old mom’s house….

This is my first year living in my own place so I thought it was the perfect time to start collecting Christmas decorations!

My family is spending Christmas in Disney World this year so I wanted my apt to be as festive as possible while I am still here.  🙂

We have always had traditional Christmas decor at my home.  There is something so nostalgic about red, green and gold this time of year that never goes out of style!

As I thought about how to decorate my apt for the holidays I found so many different color schemes and modern takes on Christmas decorating.  But in the end I decided to keep it classic with traditional decor!

My apartment is shall I say, on the small side, so I decided not to put up a Christmas tree.  To make up for a huge element missing,  I put Christmas lights on my aloe plant and used this branch of a pine tree to give off the same vibes!  

Honestly, I don’t love the color red in home design (or anywhere for that matter) but I knew that I wanted to put a few pops of the hue in my Holiday decor.  By stopping at one of my favorite local home decor boutiques, TJ Maxx (lol) I picked up this fur throw blanket and plaid pillow.

I immediately felt warm when I saw these two pieces together and they became my inspo for the rest of the apt’s decor!

In order for me to make the apartment feel more cozy and wintery, I needed to make some changes.  For example I switched out the colorful bohemian rug I usually have for this cowhide one I bought a few years ago!

While I do love the cowhide rug, it will probably only be a temporary replacement during the winter months. 🙂

There is no need to go crazy spending money on Holiday decorations!  While I was home in New York for Thanksgiving my mom gave me a box full of vintage Christmas pieces like these two stockings (one for me and Wellington, my cat!)  The rest of the items I picked up at cheap thrift stores for less than $3 each like these awesome candle holders! 

I got this vintage Santa Clause cutout at a flea market in Amsterdam, this oil painting of a skier dated ’85 at a Chicago thrift store and this “Boring is Best” print from one of my favorite shops-  Foursided.

By mixing together vintage pieces that you love with items from places like Home Goods, you start to get that eclectic look that I love so much!   

Decorating for the Holidays doesn’t have to be any different than decorating any other time of year.  By staying true to your personal style and showcasing  pieces that you connect with and love, your place without a doubt, will be warm and cozy this holiday season.  <3

Happy Holidays,


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