Hi friends!  Oh how I’ve missed you…

Since I last talked with you guys I have done some pretty cool things!

I adopted a cat who is even sassier than I am named Wellington, I visited 2 cities that I had never been to before: Providence, RI and Los Angeles, CA (just a taaad different from each other) and for my first full time job- I think I’ve been maintaining a healthy home and work life balance.  Overall: life is good…

For this post I didn’t go very far to visit one of my favorite boutique hotels in Chicago- Hotel Lincoln!  I stopped in here for coffee one day and was immediately drawn to this 70’s inspired gallery wall.  Ever since my friends and I stayed at a cute boutique hotel in Dublin, I’ve been obsessed with them!

There’s something magical about walking into a space and feeling like you’re in a different decade, country or even a different world.  And if you live in Chicago and have never been to the J.Parker Rooftop bar (On top of Hotel Lincoln) – you are seriously doin it wrong…

As the holiday’s approach, I am excited more than ever because this is the longest I have ever been away from my family!  5 months to be exact.  It may not sound like a long time to my cool, “bohemian” readers but to my fellow New York italians- Family is a pretty big deal.  

Since moving to Chicago 5 years ago for college- I have been extremely determined to make a life here for myself.  Especially with starting my new job and moving to my own place, it’s been easy to lose track of things.  That’s why I can’t wait to get back to my roots.  🙂

For this look I wanted to go with a more classic, preppy vibe.  As a stylist for Trunk Club- it’s my job to push my clients out of their comfort zone a bit and choose things for them that they wouldn’t have thought of themselves!  We had the CEO and designer of the sneaker brand Seavees, Steven Tiller, come in the other day who said- “We don’t want our clients to stand out at parties and events as being flashy & out of place.  We want our client’s style to be slightly more elevated than everyone else’s and catch the attention of the people who matter.”

He summed up how I’ve always felt about my personal style and brand.  It has never been my goal to walk down the street and have everyone’s heads turn because my outfit is so “fashion forward” and different.  But of course there are statement pieces that we all know and love for the most part- I have always felt neutrals and subtlety were the way to go. 

Many people get weirded out by wearing white during winter but it’s my job to tell you it’s okay!  Being from New York I know that there is a time and place for black, sleek clothing.  But there’s something about winter white that is so clean and refreshing! 

I have worn something similar to this outfit hundreds of times.  But by pairing the navy sweater with a denim shirt instead of just a blue collared one and wearing off white chinos instead of khaki’s- I did what the guest speaker was talking about and slightly elevated my style.  

So if you are travelling this holiday season and happen to be making a pit stop in Chicago- I highly recommend going for that more elevated experience and staying at a boutique hotel like Hotel Lincoln.  And if you are looking for a new outfit (men OR women) for your office holiday party or family get together I’d love to help!   Just use the link: trunkclub.com/deand


Happy Holidays,



S H O P   T H I S   L O O K :



Sweater- UNIQLO


Chinos- H&M

Shoes- FRYES


Luggage- JEEP


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