Since my last interior design post- I have traded in my baby room with 4 roommates for a baby studio with me, myself and I.  I never thought living alone was something I’d be down with but since I moved in- I haven’t looked back… 😉

A lot of people warned me that living on your own gets lonely and that I might become a hermit but I couldn’t disagree more!  There’s nothing like knowing everything is going to be exactly how you left it after a long day of work.

When I toured my building for studio apartments I noticed everyone had an awkward layout with their furniture.  It was mostly a queen sized bed, television and *maybe* a desk.   By making little nooks and points of interest- the space feels much bigger.  

Now don’t get me wrong, living in a studio is not the most *ideal* situation but for a young guy in his twenties- it works.  As long as you utilize the space properly, any apartment can become a home.

Now I wouldn’t say that I have my “dream kitchen” but for a studio- it gets the job done.  Also I love that it is off in it’s own separate “corridor” if you can even call it that (lol).

I made a whole blog post dedicated to this piece of furniture I restored^.   If you couldn’t tell- my “tiny homes kitchen” doesn’t have any counter space so this bad boy DEFINITELY comes in handy.

When it came down to finding the perfect table/desk for this room, I was torn.  I decided that this marble bistro table I thrifted would be a perfect solution for my space.  I’m a firm believer on going out and looking in thrift stores for unique pieces before settling on the sh*t at Ikea.  This table only cost $80 and it’s a piece that I will probably have with me forever.

I forgot to mention- before I moved into my new apartment- I had little to no furniture to my name.  Almost every piece in this apartment was either bought or thrifted in the last 3 months.  🙂

I am obsessed with Urban Outfitters home decor.  Most of my bedding is from there including the pillows.  Throw pillows often get overlooked but they are a great way to add character to your bedding or sofa.

When I was deciding on a theme or color scheme for my apartment I went back and forth quite a bit.  I love the “Mid Century Mod” look but also I love pieces that are a little more fun and bohemian.

It’s important that you don’t try to mimic what you see in a magazine and that you incorporate yourself into the design.  That’s when you start creating your home.

I wouldn’t call myself an “impulse buyer” however, when I want something- I usually don’t stop until I get it.  When I was moving from my old apartment I knew I needed a sofa and I’ve always been obsessed with velvet ones.

They retail on websites like Anthropologie for close to $3000, so when I found this one on Craigslist- I knew I had to have it.

Ya know when a piece of clothing or furniture just speaks to you?  Well this couch had my name written alllllllll over it.

Living in a studio does have a downside; like not being able to host that many people.  If I ever want to have more than a few over- I have this red stool that I have tucked away and I can use throw pillows as seats on the floor.

I’d like to think of it as a ~bohemian choice~ and not just the only option… 😉

My final words of advice are to start buying investment pieces, not to tie yourself down to one design aesthetic and to move your furniture around a few times before you settle.

Just because you’re young and figuring it all out, doesn’t mean you can’t have a killer apartment.  😉

Until next time, friends!





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