Hello friends!  It’s been a minute so pardon my absence…

Since the last time I posted, I attended all four days of Lollapalooza!

Going to a music festival four days in a row is a lot of work on your body and sometimes you need to know when to step back, look at your poor life choices and CHILL.

AKA me being a Sober Sally on DAY 4.  :/

I also became a full time National Stylist for Trunk Club which I am so excited about!  I put together this outfit as a kind of joke that all of a sudden I have become a business man & I’ve officially crossed over to the “dark side..”

The truth is that a suit and tie couldn’t be further from what I wear on a day to day basis.

Still, nothing makes a man feel as handsome as wearing a well fitted suit. 🙂

I bought this *particular* suit from Topman because the color was so interesting.  I have seen so many shades of navy, black and tan that this “peacock” color really stood out.

I decided to pair it with this rust color Gladson tie and my brown Ferragamo shoes for a modern twist on a classic style.

Okay! Back to my new job at Trunk Club

I may have mentioned it before but for the past year I’ve been working at Trunk Club basically doing “front of house work.”  For example: the front desk, ringing people up, and folding clothes.  I did it as a way to get my foot in the door and see if this was something I was actually serious about.  Turns out it was.

As soon as I stepped in the door, I knew I wanted to be a stylist.  Their lives seemed so- dare I say “fabulous” and full of excitement.

I wanted to be one so bad and I became very vocal about it.

As they say kids- “A closed mouth doesn’t get fed!”

I started by asking if I could take over the display cases and doing them once a month.  I didn’t have any visual merchandising experience but with some guidance and trial and error I got good at it and people started to notice…

If you REALLY want something- there’s no reason you can’t have it!  In a sense- no one is actually stopping you.  All you need to do is stay focused and work hard and good things will happen.  If you’re not putting all of your energy and passion into the thing that you do, whether that be a job, relationship or “calling” maybe it’s because it’s just not meant to be.  At least not at the moment.

Personally, I felt that way after graduating college with a theater degree last May.

For the record, I will always love theater and performing.  However, to be a successful actor, you need to hustle in ways that people in other careers will never understand.  I just didn’t really have it in me and I learned that pretty soon after graduation.

I’m not saying that my acting career is over and I’ll never audition again but for now, it’s just not in the cards.  And that’s okay!  People change their minds and try new things and that’s cool.  I think it’s awesome that I’m passionate about so many things and I wouldn’t trade having a theater degree for the world!  I’ve made great friends, learned how different types of people think and act and ultimately- it lead me to where I am today.  My point is, just because your life seems like it’s heading one way- doesn’t mean you can’t change directions.  Be in charge of your plan and don’t let life just happen to you!

Who knows if my career as a Trunk Club Stylist is a forever thing.  All I know is, it’s a step in the right direction and I couldn’t be more excited for everything ahead. <3


Ciao for now,


S H O P   T H I S   L O O K  :



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