And just like that, it’s nearly August…

Is this summer going too fast or what??  As much as I love this season, I am basic AF when it comes to Fall and Fall fashion.

That’s why I want to share some cool info with you guys regarding sales. 🙂

For those of you who don’t know, I work for the company Trunk Club.  Trunk Club is an online (and in house) company owned by Nordstrom that styles men and women!

I’ll explain my role there in a few weeks… 😉

Since it is recently owned by Nordstrom, this is the first year TC is participating in the Nordstrom Anniversary Sale!

I’ll admit that I’m late to the party (the sale’s been going on a little over a week) but, I’ve been busy browsing and shopping my favorite pieces that I want to share with you!

Everyone knows that the best time to buy clothes is during the opposite season.  It’s when stores have their best deals. 😉

That’s why every July, Nordstrom puts out it’s early fall collections!

As much as I love a breezy, summer blouse (I posted my favorites from the sale below),  Fall is obviously great for layering!  My favorite layering piece from the sale is the quilted Barbour jacket!  I have a similar one I wore in a post from Ralph Lauren. 🙂

The sale ends August 6th so if you want any of these amazing deals, now’s the time to buy ’em!  🙂


S H O P    S A L E    S H I R T S :

S H O P    S A L E    B O T T O M S :


S H O P    S A L E    O U T E R W E A R :



S H O P    S A L E    S H O E S :


S H O P     S A L E     A C C E S S O R I E S :



Ciao for now,







Sunglasses- RAY BANS


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