Happy Thursday!  My apologies again for being all over the map with posting.

I’m moving to my first studio apartment in a week so my head has been in full on moving mode this past month.

Yep, that’s right Chicago!  You get me for at least another year… 😉

Peak of the week- I have been doing some really awesome DIY Projects for my new place that are perfect for small apartments.  Since it’s only a studio, I’ve had to put my thinking cap on about how I am going to arrange the furniture.

This originally was going to be strictly a style blog, however, I think a few DIY Tutorials could be really fun!  😉

Pit of the week-  Moving is expensive!  And since I am doing it in the middle of the summer- I’ve had to put vacations on the back burner for a bit.

*Bragging Moment* I have some really cool friends that live all over the country.  I love traveling and lately I feel like between my day job and saving up for this move, I haven’t had a chance to schedule any trips.

Lets cross our fingers that that changes within the next month!

O n t o   t h e   o u t f i t   ~

Since I’ve been yearning to travel, I decided to do an “explorer” inspired look.  And what says explorer better than a vintage suede backpack?!  I bought this one at a flea market at a cheap price, making it perfect for the beach or running errands.

In previous posts, I’ve mentioned that this summer I am all about billowy blouses for men.  Women have so many great top options for summer while men fall short.  I got this one a few years ago from All Saints but I’ve attached some really cool ones I found from Nordstrom below!

Throwing on a statement button down is a great way to show some style on a hot summer day or night.

This top would also be perfect for a vacation.  Just sayin’…. 😉


Ciao for now,



S H O P   T H I S   L O O K  :




Denim- LEVI’S

Flip Flops- RAINBOW


Backpack- VINTAGE

Sunglasses- VINTAGE




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