How to make your tiny balcony work!

When my four roommates and I were choosing rooms, this balcony was a big selling point for me.

There’s nothing like coming home from a long day of work, making a drink, and chillin’ out here with a good playlist.


When deciding how to decorate your balcony- it’s important that the outdoor space mirrors the indoor.

I teamed up with the lovely people of FourSided Chicago who helped make my vision out here come to life!

I went a little more bohemian out here than in my bedroom, but they still share the same characteristics.

The Middle Eastern vibes out here take me out of the stiffness of downtown.

Also lighting is extremely important. I used candles and Christmas lights out here for a more *romantic* feeling.

My grandpa gave me this rug when I moved to college a few years ago and I love it.

With outdoor rugs you need to be careful.  My grandpa is an antique dealer so I know this one is special.  I only put it out here when I know I’m having people over.

If you’re in the market for an outdoor rug, I suggest getting a cheap one that you won’t mind getting ruined from the rain.  Look for ones that have a darker design so you wont see weather damage.

Like the indoors, plants add a lot to an outdoor space.  I was worried that it was starting to look cluttered out here but the plants add warmth and life to an otherwise blah balcony.

Have fun with the pots you choose!  I’ve found so many different ways to pot plants from Pinterest and magazines.  The team at FourSided Chicago helped me pot a baby cactus in this teacup.  It’s different, interesting, and a conversation starter.

Just don’t get distracted and try to drink it. 😉

I share my balcony with the apartment across the hall so I put furniture up as a separation.

Instead of putting up an ugly wall or curtain (yuck) which would block light- be creative with how you choose to separate the space.  By putting a chair here, it also added another spot for seating!

Because this space is so small, I’d like to consider it the spot two or three of my friends would sneak away to chill during a party.  Any more than that and it would start to feel too crowded out here.

I don’t play the guitar but a lot of my friends do and this balcony just screams “SERENADE ME.”

Ya know?


B E F O R E :

A F T E R :

Hanging Pot- FOURSIDED

Teacup Cactus-  FOURSIDED

Butterfly- FOURSIDED




Gold Dragonfly- FOURSIDED



Navaho Rug-  VINTAGE


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