I’ve been a huge fan of Canadian tuxedo’s (denim top and bottom) since high school and it’s time for me to share my love with you! ūüôā

Quick Backstory: The term “Canadian Tuxedo” comes from the actor/singer Bing Crosby who was denied entry into a Canadian hotel in 1951 because he was wearing a full denim outfit. ¬†Levi’s heard about the incident and made him a custom denim tux coining¬†the term “Canadian Tuxedo.”

This look isn’t for everyone but for those brave enough to try- I came up with a 3 tips to help you rock it. ¬†ūüėČ

1- Mix and Match hues.  Unless you are wearing overalls or a jumper, your denim top and bottom should never be identical.  One always needs to be darker than the other.

For this look I paired together a denim shirt from Saturdays NYC and my favorite pair of Levi jeans. ¬†Although they’re both blue, they’re very different. ¬†The jeans are worn in and distressed while the top is more modern and classic. ¬†Together, it works.

There are so many options of denim out there and all different colors. ¬†Try gray, white, black, tan or dyed denim until it makes sense to you. ūüôā

2- Ensure the fit is right. ¬†Personally, I’m not a fan of the oversized look, especially when it comes to denim jackets. ¬†Being a smaller guy, the more oversized I wear, the scrawnier I look. ¬†And who wants that?! ¬†By wearing form fitting clothes, you actually look more fit and appear taller.

What I love about this denim shirt is that it is well tailored for skinnier guys.  As soon as I put it on I felt a rush of confidence like it was made for me.

3- Add personality through your accessory choice.  For men this could mean anything from hats, watches, eyewear and shoe choice.  I chose to sport my new boots from Aquatalia with aviators for a classic look.  Women can have a little more fun with chunky statement necklaces or earrings (probs not both tho)!

If you are still on the fence about trying this look- here is how you can ease into it:

Try throwing on a cool leather jacket, bomber or blazer. ¬†It will add contrast to the outfit without being a complete “Canadian Tuxedo”.

Since you’re working with a blue canvas, you have free reign to accessorize as you please. ¬†I love brown but you can also do black, gray or any color of the rainbow.

In case you didn’t already know- denim goes with everything!¬†


Ciao for now,



S H O P   T H I S   L O O K :




Denim- LEVI’S


Eyewear- RAYBAN

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