If you’re anything like me, you wear a suit once every 2 years.¬† That being said- I look for EVERY opportunity to throw one on… ūüėČ

Unfortunately I didn’t grow up in the Midwest and all my friends aren’t getting married before the crippling age of 25 so my attendance at weddings is pretty rare.¬† If, however, I was to attend a friends wedding- this would be my outfit of choice:

I got this suit for Christmas a few years back and it has really come in handy.¬† Tweed is perfect for this time of year because it isn’t that warm out and it’s different from the “everyday suit.”

Since I don’t attend weddings that often, I like to think outside the box with my outfit.
The goal is to have fun without looking funny.
It’s all about the accessories.¬† Women have so many options when it comes to dresses while men are limited with their evening looks. ¬†You have to work with what you’ve got AKA: Socks, Ties and Lapel Pins.
If you are considering purchasing a new suit- don’t feel like you need to spend a million dollars. ¬†Buy a neutral one like I did here so that you can accessorize it however you want!
Places like Topman, Zara and Urban Outfitters (on occasion) have great selections of affordable suits. ¬†Personally, I wouldn’t get my wedding suit at one of these places but for now- they’ll do just fine. ¬†ūüôā

I was feeling v romantic when I put this look together and stuck with tones of burgundy, rose and blush. ¬†They’re the perfect color combination heading into spring.¬† Also I can easily swap the pants out with jeans for a more chill date night or event. ¬†

I made this lapel pin from a bouquet of fake flowers in my room and an old¬†pin I didn’t like anymore.¬† As I’ve mentioned in my¬†previous post “HOLIDAZE”¬†– lapels are the little accent that tie a look together.

¬† ¬†It’s important to take inspiration anywhere you can get it. ¬†While in New York, I stumbled upon this drawing I did my freshmen year of college. ¬†It was inspired by prom and the feeling of being vulnerable and giving up a piece of yourself and blah blah blah (lets not get too EMO there, Dean!) ¬†I remembered how much it meant to me which inspired me to put this look together. ¬†¬†
¬† If you have an important date or event coming up, remember to go big or go home. ¬†Try different patterns and textures until you like what you see. ¬†Everyone has their own version of “dressing up” so don’t ever feel pressure to be boring. ¬†Remember that only dead fish go with the flow… ūüôā
Ciao for now,
S H O P   T H I S  L O O K :








Socks- H&M

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