How to make your tiny room work!

My problem in life has and always will be that I am passionate about too many things.  One of them being interior design….

When I created this blog I originally wanted to stick with only fashion but there are so many other things in my life I’d like to share.

Ever since I was a little boy, I’ve loved perfectly decorated rooms and good lighting.  I’ve always dreamed about my future home and designing my dream kitchen.  That’s not gay at all, right??

Well that’s great, but until I make it big- I have come to love and accept roommates, baby rooms and twin sized beds…(kind of).

Since moving to Chicago five years ago- I have lived in three different apartments and for two of those years I slept in a closet.  This makes me an expert on tiny bedrooms.

I have come up with 10 tips & tricks on how to make your small room work:

1. When choosing your room- always go for the one with the most character.  In my current apartment I had the option of choosing a bigger room but I loved the charm that this one had.  I look for things like natural light, big windows and crown molding.  *I think* my bedroom is meant to be an office or den because it is pretty narrow and has two french doors leading out to a small balcony.

I didn’t take pictures on the balcony because I’m going to save that for another post. 😉2. If you’re allowed to paint it, paint it.  I got lucky because my friend who was living in this apartment before me, painted the room this pretty light blue.  The funny thing is he’s color blind and thought it was brown.  In small rooms (and even big ones) you can never go wrong with a light color.  Stick to something neutral like gray or light blue, that way you don’t have to change your furniture and bedding around it.

Also, how cool is this metal bar my roommate made for me to hang my clothes on?? (Yes I color coordinate..)

3. Get a polaroid camera because at this point, who doesn’t have one?  Besides them being extremely over done- polaroid pictures add fun and nostalgia to an otherwise stiff  room.  If you’re not that confident on your interior design skills, a Polaroid wall is the perfect focal point for a room.

P.S. Look! I have friends and don’t just take pictures alone!!

4. Find storage.  Look for little nooks and crannies to store things like shoes and books.  These vintage furniture pieces are perfect for putting shoes under and a makeshift library on top.

5. Make a work area and use it.  If I can make a work space in this tiny room, then you have no excuse.  These are especially important for people who work from home.

By having a separate spot in your room to go and work, you get out of the comfort of your bed and put your mind in the right place.

On my desk I have a jar full of colored pencils because I love to draw and this watercolor of Angelina Jolie that my cousin painted for me.  Btw- nothing says, “Get that sh*t done” quite like Angelina’s glare.

6. Start collecting art.  There is no time like the present to start on that art collection.  Art is similar to investing in an expensive coat.  If you’re really in love with it and think that you’ll have it forever- take the plunge.

I love going to places like Edgewater Antique Mall where I got this oil painting of a blonde man and places like Foursided Chicago for prints.  I have many maps, pictures and paintings in storage because I don’t want my room to look over crowded.  I am saving them for the day that, fingers crossed, I have multiple rooms to decorate.

7. Add some green.  Plants are such a simple yet easily over looked staple in bedrooms.  They add a calming peacefulness that can’t be found in anything else.  With the assortment of low maintenance plants out there like succulents and cacti there’s no excuse not to get one.  Also taking care of something and watching it grow is really fun to watch.  (Ok, I sound like a first grade teacher.)

mermaids, healing crystals and my favorite Versace cologne.

8. Throw pillows.  Besides your comforter- throw pillows are a must for an interesting bedroom.  You can find great ones at places like Urban Outfitters, Home Goods and T.J. Maxx.  When picking throw pillows I look for interesting ones without caring if they’re going to match the others or my duvet.  Just have fun with them!

9. Find what you like and become a collector.  I love tchotchkes like this owl and little nik naks that give a room it’s character.  There are so many places out there full of weird things like this and when you find them, it’s like spotting gold.  Other people might not see what you see in them but that’s why you live there and they don’t. 🙂

10.  Add a reading nook.  This is my favorite part of my room and after you add one in yours, you’ll understand why.  Whether you put it in your bedroom or somewhere else in the apartment, they’re the epitome of bliss.  My friend Becca gifted me this vintage chair from our first apartment and it holds so many fond memories.  I can just picture summer nights right now with the doors to my balcony open, drink in hand and music playing…talk about vibes.  Not sure how many times I’ve actually read on this chair, but you get the picture… 😉

So there you have it.  Just because you got dealt the short end of the stick when it came to picking rooms, doesn’t mean you have to sacrifice style and design.  I hope these tips inspire you to get creative with your tiny living situation and think outside the box (no pun intended. 😉 )

Ciao for now,



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