Sometimes with this blog I feel like I am a human Barbie Doll and each week I am a different version of myself.  Well this week I present you with “Loungewear Dean!”

Since I work in men’s fashion, I am usually pretty dressed up.  That’s why on my days off I like to keep it cool and casual in outfits like this.

It’s a chill look without looking sloppy.

When I originally was putting it together, I was going to do a light gray peacoat but I thought that was taking the whole gray thing a bit too far.  The black leather jacket works because it breaks up the outfit by adding contrast.

As someone who is not very athletic- I like to at least appear like I might be going to the gym (lol).

“Athleisure” has been very big in men’s fashion for a while now and with good reason.  It is the mix of both style and function.  I wouldn’t say that this look is 100% “athleisure”  but it is a good segue into that look.  What makes it less “going to the gym” is the button down, obviously.

I really like these pants because although they’re not sweatpants, they aren’t dress pants either.  They’re like dressed up, joggers.  I use the term jogger lightly because I’ve been over the whole “jogger” phase for a while now, however, something about these stuck out to me.

This look is very in with other men’s fashion bloggers right now and I can see why.  It’s the perfect outfit for running to the deli on a Saturday morning for bagels or chillin’ in a cafe all day working on your blog. 😉

Ever since middle school I have been a huge fan of converse.  Over the years I have probably accumulated about 30 pairs.

Low tops, high tops, pink, beige, gray- you name it!  Once I wear them to the ground- I immediately order a new pair.  They’re so classic and anyone can pull them off.

If you’re a fan of this look, you should know that there are so many ways you can do it.  I could have done Dr. Marten’s, a henley, and peacoat or wide brimmed hat, oversized sweatshirt and Adidas’.  The possibilities for loungewear are endless and as long as you keep the color palette to a minimum, there’s no reason you shouldn’t have fun with it!

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P.S.  I realize that many of the clothes that I wear on here are items that I have either found thrifting or on sale a few years ago and stuff like that.  That’s why from now on I am going to do a “Shop This Look” section on the bottom of each post with similar styles so that if you like what you see, you can get it yourself!  🙂


Ciao for now,



S H O P     T H I S     L O O K  :





Leather Jacket- THRIFT



Sneakers- CONVERSE

Hat- H&M



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