After last night’s Academy Award festivities with friends, I felt like I needed to get my sh*t together even more this Monday morning…

I did that by putting on my own personal uniform: a comfy sweater, fitted blazer, vintage sunnies, and dark jeans.

Featured here is my new favorite accessory from Frye.  If you’re an old bag lady like me, you need to at least do it in style.  That’s why I went for a worn in, classic brown leather backpack.

(Almost) everything women put in their purse’s, men need to put somewhere too- so why not invest in a killer bag like this?!

For this look I was inspired by winter time in New England.  I was born in New York and the furthest Northeast I’ve ever been is Boston, but I’ve always been infatuated with that part of the country.  There is something so historic and timeless about Boston and all the little towns on the coast.

When I think of men’s fashion in New England I think of brown tweeds, plaids and corduroys.  It’s got that Ivy League aesthetic without coming off pretentious or douchey.

I’ll admit that this look is a tad substitute teacher but who doesn’t want to be the cool sub?!

This week I want to talk about elevating your style by adding the third piece.  For those of you trying to take your professional appearance to the next level- this is the way to do it.

The third piece is that last garment you put on your body that takes it from being clothes, to becoming an outfit.  It shows your superiors that you put in the extra effort and take pride in your work.

It can be anything from a statement pair of shoes, blazer, vest, glasses, necklace, whatever.  It is anything beyond a top and bottom.  For men, I suggest investing in a well fitted blazer from somewhere cheap like Zara or Topman.  They are actually decent quality and look like a million bucks.  I can throw this blazer over pretty much anything and instantly come off like I have my sh*t together. 🙂

One of the many perks of working for a men’s fashion company is the discounts on designer clothes.  Someone left these Ferragamo shoes at my job over a year ago to have them stretched and never came back for them.  One day my boss asked me my size and that night I went home with a pair of $700 shoes.  Not a bad way to end the week. 😉

Ciao for now,




Blazer- ZARA

Sweater- VINTAGE

Denim- GAP


Backpack- FRYE

Sunglasses- VINTAGE


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  1. Hi you wear your outfits like the model The model they need in all store Windows in Chicago . You have style and Looks I love the way you look into the camera It’s all yours Give them he’ll lv u. You have the looks of James Dean the movie Star.

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