If you know me, you know that I like to switch up my style game often.  Sometimes I rock a pair of bubble gum pink converse and then other times, grandpa’s penny loafers.

For this look, I dove into my “Wholesome Midwestern Man” side.  (Not that Staten Island, NY is in the slightest Midwest but you get the point 😉 )

As you know, I am all for staying true to personal style but different occasions call for different looks.  My theory is, as long as you wear classic pieces, you can’t go wrong.

I bought this The Kooples peacoat from Buffalo Exchange in Williamsburg, BK when I went home for Christmas.  I payed $25 for it and when I looked it up, it originally retailed for $695!

After looking at these pictures though, it definitely could have used a steamer…..

Not to brag but I am extremely good at thrifting.  My grandfather is an antique dealer so growing up, I was always in and out of antique shops and thrift stores.  Every time I visit my family in New York, he brings me the coolest vintage pieces.

My favorite thing he’s ever given me is my turquoise ring.  He gave it to me four years ago and it hasn’t left my finger.  In my “about” on my profile, I said that a vintage Burberry scarf was my favorite item but my ring definitely trumps the scarf <3

Something that I am working towards in the new year is not trading my clothes in at thrift stores so much.  I do closet raids on the reg. and sometimes I trade in my old classic pieces for things that might be “trendy” at the time.  Through this blog and working in men’s fashion, I’ve learned to hold on to the good things in my closet and take pride in them.

PS: I realize I talk about thrifting so much that I decided for my next post, I’m going to share my favorite thrift stores in Chicago!




Denim- LEVI’S

Button Down- UNIQLO

Sneakers- ADIDAS


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