Since my last post was fancy AF I decided to take it down a notch and show you a more casual holiday look.  I mean lets face it- as much as we want all of our parties to be black tie events, we certainly have the more “chill” parties as well.

And just because you’re wearing a Christmas sweater this season, doesn’t mean it has to be ugly…
I found this trapper hat in Portland and so far it’s been my saving grace this winter.
I remember growing up I had one of these that I was obsessed with so when I saw this one- I knew I had to have it.  I’d like to think of this rabbit fur and suede combo as the grown up version of my old one.
For those of you who do not know me, I am very big on Canadian tuxedo’s.  Usually it’s in the fall or spring that I will wear a denim on denim look but I figured with some layering, who’s gonna stop me??
Here is my advice on denim jackets and clothing in general.  Go for a more fitted look.  If you are buying a denim jacket and you are usually a medium, try a small instead.  It will show off your body and make you look more put together.
This holiday season more than ever, I noticed how dressing a little festive each day has brightened up my mood a bit.  I used to just dress “Christmasy” only on Christmas and call it a day but by adding a little red & green here and there, it made this whole month more special.  20161208-18
The holiday season is all about giving & since I am pretty broke atm, the least I can do is give GOOD VIBES right??? 😉
Jacket- LEVIS
Denim- LEVIS
Backpack- VINTAGE

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