As I sit in my bed and watch the blizzard on my balcony, I reflect to last week when I was saying how easy this winter has been…


Growing up on the East Coast, I am no stranger to the cold, however, each year it seems to sneak up on me.  My motto this year is to not become a slave to the winter.  Today was only day 1 of nasty Chicago winter and already people were in those black oversized parkas I always talk about, drooling on the train window at 4 pm…

Get it together people!!  We can’t give up already?! Remember this summer when it was 4pm and everyone was rushing out of work to go to happy hours and concerts?! (Just me? Oh..)

Where has the time gone?!



There are few things you can do to not surrender to the cold:

-Add some color to your winter ensemble.  We all know that black is the signature color of winter but what about the millions of other colors out there?! I could have put on brown or black boots to complete this outfit but I chose to wear these muted yellow converse instead.  If there’s not snow on the ground, there’s no reason why you should be saving your cute shoes!  Whip em’ out because soon all of our shoes are going to become slaves to the brown, slushy, city streets :))

-Go for a clean, streamlined peacoat rather than parka.  Now, obviously I am not wearing a peacoat in this post but I do own 5 of them so get ready people!  There’s nothing quite like a fitted peacoat to give off the impression- “Yeah that’s right, I have my shit together.”  Even if you don’t!  So if you have a peacoat in your closet that you’ve had for a couple years and you aren’t obsessed with, now might be the time you invest in the right one.

-Find the perfect jacket for going out on the town like I did here.  This All Saints quilted coat is perfect for night life in the winter because it’s fitted like a shirt but is warm like a jacket.  Therefore, I can wear a simple t-shirt underneath it and no jacket over it.  Also, I’m a huge fan of camo so no brainer!



Ever hear the saying, “It’s all in the details?”  Well this watch is the perfect testament to that statement.  A few years ago I was obsessed with cheetah print.  Cheetah boots, cheetah watch and even cheetah tie at my prom!  Well, my mom got me this watch for Christmas during my Cheetah Girl phase and I am still obsessed with it to this day.  It’s the perfect amount of character without looking gaudy.  Not that cheetah could ever look gaudy… 😉


I’ve been a fan of what I refer to as “baby hats” for a few years now and recently noticed that mainstream stores like Topman and Zara have jumped on the bandwagon.  For those of you who aren’t familiar with the term, a baby hat is basically a beanie for an adult that has been put through the dryer.  It doesn’t keep your ears warm and gives you a slight headache but I think they’re f**in adorable so YOLO!







Hat- H&M

Denim- LEVI’S

Sneakers- CONVERSE


Sunglasses- SEE EYEWEAR

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