Coming from a theater school, I had no idea that people have holiday parties that aren’t ugly sweater themed!
There are people out there that actually get dressed up and drink fancy cocktails and grind with questionable co-workers at open bars!! (Not me of course.)

Holiday parties are literally THE BEST excuse to whip out the best your closet has to offer and show the office what you’re made of.


A must have in every guys closet is at least one well fitted blazer.  I personally suggest having one formal one and one casual one.  If you’re unsure of where to get one, I suggest checking out ZARA.

A velvet blazer had been on the top of my wish list for a while, the only problem was that I had no where to wear one.  Then a few weeks ago I was at SALVATION ARMY rummaging through what seemed to be a never ending amount of Hollister t-shirts when I saw this baby…


I never pay much attention to the men’s suit section of thrift stores because the suits are always huge.  That is why it was a gift from God when I put this blazer on and it fit like a glove.  Not only is it the perfect “holiday party” piece but it would look great next fall layered with some grey’s and tan’s.

Oh and did I mention that it cost $14.00? 😉



Since getting a job in men’s fashion, I have become obsessed with men’s suits and accessories and what makes them unique.  One of my new obsessions is lapel pins.  My friend Lucien got me into them and I am hooked!  If you aren’t familiar, I am talking about that little pin men stick into the button hole of their suit jackets that bring character and charm to an otherwise “everyday suit.”


So my overall advice this holiday season is to go balls to the wall with your outfit choices.  Don’t dumb it down because you think other people aren’t going to “dress up.” Walk into your holiday party like a boss and you will be treated like a boss 🙂





Bow Tie- ZARA


Lapel Pin- VINTAGE

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