On the first day of my job I was told that the dress code was “Smart Casual.”
Never having an office job or a job in the fashion industry, the first thing that came to my mind was a dress shirt and khaki’s.  So the next day I went to J. CREW and bought myself a pair of basic “young professional” khaki’s.


I started going to work every day wearing a different version of the same outfit.  A button down, khaki’s and loafers.  I was dressed appropriately but I wasn’t being true to my personal style.  Quite frankly- I was getting bored.

It wasn’t until week two when I decided to throw a bandana on my otherwise “basic” outfit, that I started getting reactions from my co-workers.  They were caught off guard at first but after doing a double take, they started giving me compliments.  That’s when I knew I could take it further…

As we made our way into fall, I started testing what I could get away with wearing at work.  Blazers, crisp sneakers, turtlenecks, funky pants and no socks were all starting to make their way into my every day look.


As long as everything is fitted right and makes sense, there’s no reason why you can’t change up your style at your job.  Especially for millennials, there are so many jobs out there like mine that don’t require a suit but want professionally dressed workers.  Why not ditch the button down and try something new?20161109-49

I love this mock turtle neck sweater from Club Monaco.  It’s such a sharp, classic piece that you don’t see every day.  Also it’s a short sleeve which makes it even more special.  Unfortunately, I forgot to get a picture in just the sweater so maybe I will do another look in it soon 😉


Featured here are my favorite pair of pants.  They’re Rag and Bone and I’m not so low key obsessed with them.  My friends last winter had to basically force me to put on a different pair of pants because I was wearing them so much.  They fit perfectly and the brown and navy color scheme is perfect for fall and winter.  What I love about them is the fact that they are interesting without being ridiculous.


These Frye loafers are also a staple in my wardrobe.  The tan color is perfect for every season depending on how you wear them.

PRO TIP: I got them shined at Nordstrom for $2.50! I was so afraid that by getting them shined they were going to lose the antique aesthetic I liked so much about them, HOWEVER, the shoe shiner worked his magic and made me like them 100x more!


Sport Coat- Hawkings Mcgill

Pants- Rag and Bone

Loafers- Frye

Sweater- Club Monaco

Glasses- Warby Parker



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