You can never have too many leather jackets and when I saw this gray suede  number hanging up on THE SALE RACK OF H&M, I had to have it.  Now I know what you’re thinking- “That don’t look like no H&M pleather jacket!!” But you heard right!

You know when H&M does that thing where they try to be fancy for a sec but then it doesn’t really work?  Well I think it was part of one of those collections because I found it in the clearance section marked down from $300 to $150.20161013-271 I put it on and it fit like a glove.  I was so excited because usually finding a fitted leather jacket is nearly impossible or just really expensive.

Besides the fit- my favorite thing about it is definitely the color.  It’s not just gray.  It’s like a slate with blue-ish tones that looks different in every light.20161013-277

No matter how hard my friends try to stop me, I will forever be a fedora boy.  Now I’m not talkin’ about pinstripe fedora’s from High School Musical. I am talking about classic wide brimmed hats.  The ones that add a sense of adventure and “rebel without a cause” to an outfit.  They say “f**k you and your rules, I’m doin’ me.” 20161013-298

Now as much as I love these hats, I don’t rock them as much as I claim to.  You need the right outfit and occasion to pull them off.  Trip to Barcelona-FEDORA.  Going to sports bars with your friends- NOT FEDORA.

I think men’s fashion and the art of getting it right is knowing your surroundings, matching them, and then taking the style up a notch.  What I mean is, I wouldn’t wear this outfit to O’Brien’s Pub in Chicago on a Saturday night.  It just wouldn’t make sense and I would feel out of my element.  This is the outfit I would wear going out to brunch in New York City with friends.



For a long time I was looking for a pair of tan suede boots.  The problem was that I kept hearing that the blue from my jeans would rub off on them.

It wasn’t until I stumbled upon this pair at Topman that I decided to take the plunge.  The shape was exactly what I had in mind and the color was just dark enough that they wouldn’t look “dirty.”  I had always been iffy about buying shoes at Topman because I know that they’re made cheaply but I went against my gut and bought them anyway.  WELL  joke is on me because I was sliding around in these things the whole day.  Moral of the story- don’t be cheap when it comes to shoes.  Think about the quality of the product before swiping your credit card 🙂



PS: When I took this picture ^ a homeless man yelled out- “Sh*T I THOUGHT THIS WAS FOR GQ UNTIL YOU STUCK YA ASS OUT LIKE THAT!”



Jacket- H&M


Jeans- H&M


Sunglasses- RAY BANS


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