In a world full of NorthFace coats, dare to be a Shearling Jacket…

Whether you like it or not, baby it’s cold outside.  So why not switch it up?  I noticed in early fall that trendy stores like Topman and Zara were selling Faux Shearling jackets this season and I wanted one BAD.   However, I was hesitant to buy a fake fur coat for $200 so I pretty much put the thought out of my head.  It wasn’t until I was visiting my friend Jake in Portland that I found the graveyard of Shearling.  20161109-8I found this beauty for $65.00 at the thrift store HO– USE OF VINTAGE in Portland.  If you like thrifting and happen to be visiting PDX,  this place needs to be on your to do list.  It has about 50+ vendors all selling unique vintage clothes and accessories. The store is huge so you need to set aside time and energy for the trip.  Needless to say, I think I spent 2 and a half hours in there…



Being the sassy guy I am, I’ve always loved fur and wanted a fur coat.  The Shearling jacket is a great alternative to having a gaudy fur or faux fur coat for men.  Also you can dress it up kind of like I did here or throw on a hoodie and sneakers and still make an impression.

I know that in most cities it’s hard to find Shearling Jackets on the cheap so I suggest doing some online research.  If taken care of properly, these are the types of coats that you can have for a very long time so I suggest finding a real one before swiping your credit card on an expensive faux.




If you haven’t noticed by now, I am obsessed with turtlenecks…

I think theres a saying- “Once you go turtleneck you don’t go back.”  Or something like that.  But yeah, I am in love.  It’s not even the look of them anymore, it’s the comfort.  I almost can’t imagine going out in the Chicago winter without something covering my neck.  Obviously scarves are cool too but my #1 love…. turtlenecks <3




Turtleneck- ZARA

Denim- LEVI’S

Boots- FRYE’S

Sunglasses- TOM FORD


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