I would describe this as my go-to outfit for getting sh*t done.  I can put on this
look, step outside my apartment door and accomplish anything.  As it is Sunday morning, what I want to do is get brunch and recover from this weekend 😉


The thing about winter in Chicago is that it goes from zero to one hundred real quick.  That is why it’s important to embrace these mild days and layer!  So rather than rush to put on the biggest, darkest, most depressing parka you own, why not have fun with layers instead?

My mom bought me this Ralph Lauren quilted coat last Christmas and I couldn’t love it more if I tried.  It is perfectly fitted and the color navy is like denim- it matches everything.  20161013-152

For this outfit I chose to do a red plaid button down layered underneath a gray sweatshirt.  I could have chosen to do a sweater instead but I went with the sweatshirt for a more casual, comfy look.  Since it is still November, I have 4 freezing months ahead of me for sweaters and down jackets.  Now is the time to get anything fall in your closet out into the fresh, crisp air one last time.


No matter how fancy I try to get with denim, I will always come back to Levi’s.  They always get it right when it comes to fit and there are so many colors and styles out there for everyone’s personality.  For me, I love a more antique, worn style denim with hues of brown in them.

Generally when it comes to color and style, I tend to lean towards the colors brown and tan as opposed to gray and black.  I think it’s important to figure out what works with your complexion and then build your wardrobe around that.


If you read my post GREENHAUS then you’ve seen these sneakers before.  Crisp, well kept sneakers are the new boots for fall.  They add a sense of “chill” to your otherwise, basic outfit.  The secret is keeping them clean and not letting them go to sh*t.  If they get a scuff on them while you’re out, make the effort of wiping them off when you get home.

I’ve always worn my clothes and sneakers to the ground but I have recently learned the art of “taking care of my things.”  You get so much more out of the items you bought if you just put in the extra effort.  You can have your beat up, garbage converse for getting the real work done but then balance that out by having a pair of crisp white sneakers for the fun errands.  It also shows people that you care about your things, and what’s wrong with that?



Quick story about this dog named JAMAL! ^^

As I start to post more, you will notice I have a thing for grabbing strangers dogs and forcing them to take pictures with me.  When I saw this fluffy, kind of dirty dog- I figured, “why not.”  As it slowly hobbled towards me I looked towards his owner who looked like a melted wax version of Paris Hilton!  She explained to me how she named him Jamal because she wanted him to be black.  Also how when he was a puppy he ate 6 Xanex pills that she had on a coffee table and he has never been the same since.

So lets all say a prayer for this poor dog Jamal </3




Sneakers- ADIDAS

Denim- LEVI’S

Button Down- J CREW



Backpack- VINTAGE

Sunglasses- VINTAGE

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